Audi e-tron GT Launch

Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch
Client: Audi
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How does an automotive brand increase advocacy and engagement amongst a creative community?

In launching its latest electric SUV, the e-tron GT, German luxury car manufacturer Audi sought to partner with Semi Permanent so as to place the brand at the helm of smart living discourse amongst a creatively attuned, future-facing audience. Through a multi-faceted campaign, comprising a multi-day physical execution, program integration, and long-lead content marketing inclusion, the Audi e-tron GT and its key values of vehicle electrification, considered design and sustainability were central to the Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 Festival of Creativity and Design audience. experience.
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch

A Physical Presence

2022 marked the physical return of Semi Permanent Festival of Creativity & Design in Sydney, and with a reimagined event format and the addition of free-to-attend events and exhibitions, welcomed more than 4000 attendees over a three-day period to our exclusive festival venue, Carriageworks, with many returning multiple times over the course of the event. 
With a captive, culturally sophisticated audience, the Semi Permanent festival offers a brilliant opportunity to showcase products to creative thought-leaders, an aspect that Audi leveraged in an immersive showcase of its latest e-tron GT electric SUV. Strategically placed in a high-footfall zone nestled between the entrance of the talks auditorium and the premium ticket-holder lounge within the festival foyer, the display offered an opportunity not only to visually showcase the vehicle in a non-commercial setting, but to allow attendees the ability to engage with brand ambassadors to learn more about the technological, design and sustainability credentials that underpin it.

“The design of the car is absolutely stunning, and it was great to have that space to speak to the Audi ambassador and get to know the details of the design” — Semi Permanent Sydney attendee. 

Designing the Future of our Urban Environment

As we quickly adjust to new ways of socially interacting, attempt to reduce our travel footprint, and demand a better, more cohesive way of living, our cities are radically changing — or need to if they’re to remain vibrant and appealing to current and future generations. 
In this Future State session presented as part of Semi Permanent Sydney, we brought together a group of creative innovators and thought-leaders — automotive journalist Noelle Faulkner, artist Chris Fox, urban strategist Barrie Barton, City of Sydney councillor Yvonne Weldon, and filmmaker Damon Gameau — to share insights and unpack how the future of urban design can evolve to better serve its citizens and its environment. From cultural programming and greening of our cities, to accessibility in architecture and electrification of vehicles, this talk touched on issues that affect all of us, and offered a blueprint for our urban centres of the future. 
Presented by Audi and authentically integrating key brand messaging as the underpinning of the talk’s thematic framework, the Future State session formed a core of the highly-attended Semi Permanent Sydney talks program. In doing so, the talks session successfully bolstered the physical presence of Audi at the venue, driving further interest in the vehicle’s technical capabilities and sustainability credentials in the context of the Future State subject matter. 

“I really enjoyed the Future State panel and left Semi Permanent feeling inspired and contemplative” — Semi Permanent Sydney attendee. 

Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch

Continuing the Conversation 

As part of a dedicated ticketing inclusion, Semi Permanent and Audi welcomed a large group of special guests — lifestyle, automotive and design media, existing and prospective clients, and C-suite executives — to the Future State session, providing an opportunity to learn about and view the Audi brand through the unique lens of the broader creativity and design festival. 
Following the Future State session guests were escorted to a bespoke lunch within the Carriageworks precinct so as to continue the conversation. Visually styled to build upon the foyer installation, and featuring an additional e-tron GT model along with a welcome speech by Audi’s executives, the dedicated lunch beautifully framed Audi’s authentic integration within the festival and built upon the many touchpoint of the brand’s activation.  
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – Audi e-tron GT Launch