Future State: Brand Utopia — Presented by Deloitte Digital

Deloitte Digital – Semi Permanent Sydney 2022

Trends, insights, news and updates are the currency of Semi Permanent, and our festival's speakers are at the forefront of our changing world.

At the forthcoming event, we're bundling decades of research, practice and synthesis into three days of intensive learning and inspiration.
From changing corporate practices and consumption habits, to having an empathetic voice on the issues that matter, we’ll offer a blueprint for the future of brand engagement and how creativity can provide solutions.
  • Lucy Blakiston – Founder & CEO, Shit You Should Care About

  • Dan Wright – Creative Chief Officer, Deloitte Digital NZ

  • Ahmad Salim – Partner & MD, Deloitte Digital NZ

  • Hector Ouilhet – Head of Human Centred Innovation & Strategy, Google

  • Shantel Wetherall – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leader / Writer