Future State

Future State 2019

Future State is a live symposium programmed by Semi Permanent, where some of the world's sharpest companies — like SONOS, The New York Times and Vice — will convene for a day of thought leadership and smart discussion. It’s our ideal setting to design a blueprint for the future of business (and whatever the hell comes next).


Panel 1: Evolving business
Companies are no longer afforded the luxury of being good at just one thing, so how might you diversify without tearing your business (or yourself) apart? This session is geared towards entrepreneurs, CEOs, strategists, and anyone who wants to learn tangible strategies from some of the world’s sharpest minds. 
Michael Kobori — Levi's 
Michael Leon — SONOS 
Tom Armstrong — The New York Times 
Panel 2: Managing Success
Everyone wants to tell you how to reach the top, but no one tells you what to do once you have. We’ve invited some of the world’s most powerful leaders in business to put your success into perspective. Here, we’re going to teach you how not just to push the envelope, but stay relevant while you’re doing it; to invest the future, while keeping eyes in the back of your head. Or simply just make more money. Whatever suits.
Carby Tuckwell — Deux Ex Machina 
Royce Akers — VICE
Beth O'Brien — Colenso BBDO
Edwina Throsby — Sydney Opera House