Chris Murphy

Creative Director and Partner ∙ Motherbird

Chris Murphy
Chris Murphy, Creative Director and Partner at Motherbird, presented a Premium Experience at the Sydney Semi Permanent Creativity and Design Festival in 2018: Building a studio from the ground up; culture, creativity, chaos.
An accomplished designer, Chris’s design ethos is balanced by simplicity, practicality, and authenticity. Believing that even the best and most visually striking creative outcomes are nothing without the hands-on expertise, strategies and tools to implement and manage them, and that design should lead and be at the centre of all industries, touching their every facet and all who interact with them.

As Creative Director and Partner at Motherbird, Chris works daily to bring this philosophy to life. Working with the Motherbird creative team, he builds partnerships, advocates for clients and ideas to produce work that empowers, connects and creates change. Chris has lead the development of complex national and international projects for global brands; managing stakeholders, clients and creative teams to produce and deliver campaigns and brands, which are led by design.

Named a Top 10 Design Force in Australia by Design Quarterly magazine, as well as taking out the SOYA Award for best young creative in the country, Motherbird partners with a diverse range of national and international clients of all shapes and sizes across various industries to build visions, bend minds and take chances.