Dan Ilic

Comedy Filmmaker

Dan Ilic
Dan Ilic wears many creative hats as Host, Producer, Creative Director, Comedy Creator and Filmmaker. In 2018, he presented at the Sydney Semi Permanent Creativity and Design Festival, where the theme was "Creative Tension as Inspiration".
As a prolific comedy filmmaker, Dan Ilic has performed stand up under rocket attack in Afghanistan, hitchhiked across America, was a finalist at Tropfest and successfully became Australia’s most hated man for a week for creating the satirical show Beaconsfield: A Musical In A-Flat Minor. He is widely regarded as the 9th best satirical comedian in Australia, with his television shows, ad campaigns, and digital shorts garnering hundreds of millions of views. Good ay.

In 2018, Dan returned from three years in the USA where he made comedy for Al Jazeera’s digital service AJ+ and covered the 2016 US election for Fusion as their Executive Producer of Satire. He is currently a judge for the 2018 Jacoby-Walkley Scholarship, and available for lucrative contracts to sell flavoured carbonated water to people who don’t need it.

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