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Industrial Light Magic


Semi Permanent Sydney 2021 will offer a deeper look inside the visionary VFX studio behind Star Wars, Marvel and more.

Industrial Light & Magic is one of the world’s largest and most innovative companies in the visual effects industry. ILM’s newest studio in Sydney leverages the company’s award-winning expertise and technological know-how developed over 45 years in the industry. 
The studio offers a complete slate of visual effect services and works in conjunction with the company’s other studios in San Francisco, Singapore, London, and Vancouver. Projects the company contributes to include feature films, television, streaming projects, commercials, immersive entertainment, and themed attractions. 
As each of the company’s studios do, the Sydney studio utilizes the complete ILM pipeline and a full array of ILM’s creative teams and groundbreaking technology at hand. This includes the company’s industry-leading ILM StageCraft platform. Knowledge and culture flow freely between the company’s five studios and allows for seamless collaboration on all shared projects by a hand-picked team of the best artists and technicians in the region. 
Founded in 1975 by George Lucas, ILM has created some of the most memorable visual effects in history. From the awe-inspiring innovations in the classic Star Wars trilogy to the spectacular imagery in the more recent Star Wars films, The Avengers, Ready Player One, and the Transformers films, ILM has always specialized in the unprecedented. 
Attracting some of the finest talent from every corner of the globe, ILM’s global team is composed of artists, technicians, and engineers at campuses in five countries, collaborating to meet the unique challenges that each new film presents. Many of the resulting innovations have opened up entirely new avenues of expression for filmmakers.
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