Lisha Tan

Creative Director ∙ The Mill

Lisha Tan
Lisha Tan, Creative Director at Mill+, presented at the Sydney Semi Permanent Creativity and Design Festival in 2018, where the theme was "Creative Tension as Inspiration".
Lisha's passion for illustration and story-driven character animation consistently leads her to create captivating, award-winning work.

Prior to joining Mill+ in Los Angeles, Lisha attended the College of Fine Arts in Sydney. She simultaneously worked as a designer and animator at boutique VFX studios where she discovered her love of mixing traditional techniques with digital animation.

Since joining the company in 2014, Lisha has led high-profile commercial, feature film, and music projects for clients including Google Duo, Honda, and JAY-Z. Her work on the two-time Grand Prix-winning music video for JAY-Z’s ‘The Story of O.J.’ has been recognized by LIA, Ciclope, Shots and The GRAMMY Awards.

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