Five Before Five: Chris Mihal’s Favourite Photographers

Chris Mihal Variety Creative Director
Semi Permanent is always on the hunt for inspiration and while our sources change frequently, there is one that remains constant… our friends.
The Five Before Five series is dedicated to bringing you doses of good ol' hearty inspiration just as you’re winding down for the day. And who better to begin this exciting adventure than a man who wears many hats, Variety Magazine’s Creative Director, Chris Mihal.
If you don’t know Chris, picture this - tall, dark and handsome; capable of running an intense operation of 15 daily newspapers with a staff of over 70 designers. Let’s just say he knows a thing or two.
Here, he shares with you his top five photographers.
LA based, VARIETY Creative Director Chris Mihal
Work in progress on the Sept. 2015 issue with Guillermo Del Toro
Pari Dukovic
Pari has this genuine excitement for each project that is infectious. His enthusiasm adds this level of comfortability to shoots (and subjects) that really allow him to push boundaries with subjects and experiment.
Marion Cotillard
Benedict Cumberbatch (Pari Dukovic)
Peter Hapak
Peter has this way of stripping a subject down to his/her creative and emotional core. His ability to mimic motion in a still photograph with restrained use of color makes his work some of the most interesting portraiture out there.
Actress Christina Hendricks
Idris Elba & Beasts of No Nation Director, Cary Fukunaga (Peter Hapak)
I’m always in awe of married couples who can collaborate professionally. Mark and Sara make it look easy. Working with them is the dream scenario of getting two smart, creative, complimentary brains focused on one project.
Jennifer Lawrence
Matthew McConaughey (Williams+Hirakawa)
Ture Lillegraven
“Clutch" is the one word I think when working with Ture. Whether it’s photographing Alfonso Cuaron the morning after winning an Oscar and turning it around same day, or only getting seven minutes with Seth McFarlane, Ture comes through in really tough circumstances. I’m convinced he doesn’t take a bad photograph.
Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane
Gravity Director Alfonso Cuarón (Ture Lillegraven)
Art Streiber
From the initial conversations about a project, all the way to the execution, Art personifies preparation and professionalism. The moment he walks on set he’s dialed in. Any change in plan, he’s ready.
The Revenant's lead actor Leonardo Dicaprio and Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Art Streiber)
The Revenant's Director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (Art Streiber)
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