Battle for Supremacy

Battle for Supremacy
Nils Ericson - Westpoint
At first glance, Nils Ericson's work seems to capture the undulating formations of tribal collectives. But look closer and individual faces and expressions punctuate the waves. Ericson's series on West Point Military Academy, much like his earlier work capturing the Everton/Liverpool rivalry, hones in on the point at which the group absorbs the individual's identity, and in doing so, extends their reach, strengthens their position and reinforces who they are.
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Nils Ericson - Westpoint
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"I couldn’t shake the idea that these kids that are battling for supremacy on the field would be battling for supremacy in a theatre of war within a year or two."

Nils Ericson

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"Take into consideration their emphasis on uniform and the lack of identity the uniforms create - specifically at a time when most people are finding theirs.  And it isn’t just on the field, it’s in the attire of the cadets."

Nils Ericson

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"These athletes or cadets literally belong to their team because it’s a life and death scenario, at least eventually."

Nils Ericson

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