Acting Vs Art

Acting Vs Art-1
Noah Taylor photographed in Sydney for Semi Permanent May 2015
You might feel a flicker of uneasy recognition upon seeing Noah Taylor's lifted cheekbones and tangled, dark locks. It might be because he sliced a hand off a Lannister. It might be because he featured in the red-hatted shark hunters led by Bill Murray. But Taylor is less interested in how his acting embodies other people, and far more interested in the way his artwork embodies himself.

"There is not a lot of scope for self expression in acting, in fact you are the means for someone else's expression and hopefully a conduit for an audience to be able to identify with or vicariously experience someone else's situation and emotions.

Noah Taylor

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"In both Ancient Greek dramas and mystery religions the actor or shaman would empty the self temporarily so as to be possessed by some other spirit, for the benefit of his / her  community."

Noah Taylor

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"Art is a lot more personal and naturally a lot more introspective form of expression, the challenge there being to work out wether your own thoughts and feelings and the way you express them are of interest or relevance to others."

Noah Taylor

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