Oliver Stone will have a seat at Semi Permanent

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Oliver Stone

It happened when Tony Hawk took the stage in 2014, and also with Andrew Denton. Definitely last year during the Future State sessions, and maybe this year I’ll share the same moment of discomfort when I look up and see the Director of Carriageworks, Lisa Havilah having to take a seat in the eastern aisle to watch a special moment on stage.

On Friday May 26, we’ll be fortunate enough to share the beautiful Carriageworks Bay 17 with the great Oliver Stone. 
When I started piecing together the 2017 Sydney event, anchored by its theme Designing for Change I drew up a wish list, Oliver was on it. He was a long shot, admittedly about half way down because he was such an outside chance. But when his number finally came up, I put pen to paper (really I put finger to key), and wrote an honest letter about how I believe his filmmaking life which spans 46 years, and includes multiple Academy Awards, and which has tackled hugely important topics such as the Vietnam war, the Wall St financial system, the US presidency, music and privacy makes him the most perfect storyteller to inspire our creative minds about how to tell the stories that mean the most to us - and create real change.
He (his people) wrote back the next day saying he’s in, and I ran to find someone to hug.
Please join us for a conversation with Oliver Stone, and I promise this year we’ll do our best to sneak in a few extra seats.
Director / Founder of Semi Permanent
Photo: Oliver Stone on the set of 'JFK.'
Credit: Warner Brothers/courtesy
Everett Collection
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