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Nike x Jacquemus at Incu
Rare with Google
World Sports Creativity Sessions
A Semi Permanent Hotel

The experience worked because I didn’t feel like I was being sold to; the selection of brands and artists were perfectly balanced. The entire event made Sydney feel both international and aspirational, and the energy in the space was expertly cultivated.

Laura Armstrong

General Manager, Marketing Communications, The Woolmark Company

Elemental AKL
Audi e-tron GT Launch
Normal People
Essential Neon Launch
Grand Cru Launch
Google Tilt Brush
Game Changers
Make Good, No Plastic
Hidden Artistry
Launching Google Hangouts
The Studio
House of Genetic Diversity
Driving Design
Future State of Travel
Wired by Design
Kill the Fin Trade
Neuromuscle AI

For our +20 event, Semi Permanent organised some of the most imaginative and enthusiastic people into a highly productive and inspiring workshop. It was truly a success well beyond what we had ever imagined.

Mike Buzzard
Mike Buzzard

Design Director

+20 Workshops
Innovation Lab
The Panic Office
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