Driving Design

VW, AKQA, Uber-4
Driving Design

We delivered an exhibition that blended art, performance and virtual reality technology, communicating Volkswagen's philosophy of timeless design.

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Following Volkswagen’s announcement at the Frankfurt Motor Show to not redefine, but enforce a timeless design philosophy, VW came to Semi Permanent and tasked us with the creation of a multi-disciplinary exhibition blending art, performance (vehicles) and technology (VR).
We commissioned artist Jason Woodside to custom wrap the VW Golf GTI in the Carriageworks foyer, placing emphasis on the design, technology and performance underpinning the Volkswagen Golf GTI, experienced through a virtual reality experience within the car.
Meeting VW’s brand engagement objectives, Semi Permanent’s 1,900+ ticket holders were able to reconnect with a VW brand ambassador through daily on-site workshop discussions around technology, and future innovations. 
VIP guests were transported throughout the week by customised Semi Permanent VW cars, providing a breadth of touchpoints across the event experience.
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