Hidden Artistry

Hidden Artistry with Lexus at Semi Permanent Sydney
Client: Lexus
  • Production

  • Curation

  • Logistics

How does a luxury car brand demonstrate its product features in an elevated way?

Semi Permanent partnered with Lexus to launch the LC 500 model by showcasing the craftsmanship behind Japanese design and connecting the brand with the broader creative community.
We invited leading designers Toby + Pete (direction), Dion Horstmans (sculpture), amigo and amigo (lighting), and George Nicholas (sound) to create work that embodies different elements of hidden artistry in the LC 500, resulting in the ‘Hidden Artistry’ exhibition that was seen throughout the three-day SP event.
The experience was amplified through a 360° communications strategy that spanned across Lexus ambassador leverage, content, PR, media, and Semi Permanent and Lexus’ owned channels including web and social.