House of Genetic Diversity

House of Genetic Diversity
Jonathan Zawada x HP

In partnership with Z by HP, we engaged multi-disciplinary artist Jonathan Zawada to create an immersive exhibition which celebrates genetic variation in all of its forms.

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At Semi Permanent Sydney, a pathway of imagined biological forms designed by Zawada led to a tower of computers which, while running the video works, were donating their computational power to the MindModelling@Home research project run by the University of Dayton Research Institute, and Wright State University.
Each video loop was accompanied by audio captured by Mark Pritchard, of different durations so that when experienced, the user sees a polyrhythmic interaction of the varied elements. As the viewer moves through the structure they hear localized audio from different pieces which combine with one another in endlessly unique ways.

“My son was born with a rare genetic disease called Potocki-Shaffer Syndrome and awareness and acceptance of diversity as well as understanding for people with different abilities is a particularly important topic. The starting point for this work builds on a previous body of work titled ‘Rare Mushrooms’ which raised money and awareness for rare genetic diseases.”

Jonathan Zawada - Artist

House of Genetic Diversity
House of Genetic Diversity
House of Genetic Diversity
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