Normal People

Heaps Normal Normal People Event 2022
Client: Heaps Normal
  • Direction

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  • Talent Management

How might a fast-growing non-alcoholic beer company communicate it’s powerful underpinning of celebrating everyone’s ‘normal’?

Heaps Normal Jono Tan
Jonathan Tan
Heaps Normal Zoe Terakes
Zoe Terakes
When Heaps Normal, the Australian-founded and fast growing international brand, turned to Semi Permanent to help convey it’s principles of celebrating diversity amongst the community, our response was to create a series of short films that highlighted individuals who are charting their own version of normal.
Each film was thoughtfully captured and carefully edited with the oversight of each subject to represent their story in the most honest way. The Heaps Normal founders, each of whom have a unique story that they brought to the founding of the company played and continue to play a supportive role, with the ambitions of reshaping the drinking culture of Australians, and beyond.
HeapsEach of the films were presented at a bespoke event hosted at the Paramount House Hotel - Norm Fest, in which the diverse team behind each of the productions we’re given a platform to authentically link together all the enables of the project.
Heaps Normal Normal People Event 2022
Heaps Normal Normal People Event 2022
Panel featuring Charlotte Mars, Jonathan Tan & Tom Tilley