At The Centre of Gravity

Client: Perion
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How do you draw talent, fans, cynics and future users into the next chapter of the internet?

Perion is a Melbourne-based and globally-minded web3-first company on a mission to bring community together on the metaverse. We were asked to refresh their brand and bring it in line with their new ambition of be synonymous with the online world of tomorrow. The new brand had to stand for much more than tech culture and innovation, it needed to inspire wonder, invite curiosity and welcome participants from every corner of the planet.
Perion Brand Graphic
To invite people into the unknown and bring them along the journey, we built the brand idea on a need of being at 'The Center of Gravity'. This placed Perion at the heart of tomorrow's digital culture, setting them up to be a go-to hub, compass and pulse for the community.

Hidden within our custom wordmark is the Black Hole. It's a portal to new worlds and a force with the cultural gravity to draw everyone and everything towards it. The graphic system expanded on the idea and behaviour of gravitational force; pulling, warping and orbiting type towards a central figure of importance.
Perion Posters
Bringing the brand into the hands of the people, we worked with Perion on their first merch capsule collection, The Meta-Atheltic Club. T.M.A.C brought together sporting vernacular and half a century worth of gaming. We created apparel with tomorrow's athletes in mind; designed to help them blur the line between physical and digital performance.
Perion Scarf
Perion NFT NYC Invite
Perion NFT NYC Event Graphic
To celebrate the brand refresh, we helped Perion relaunch at NFT NYC 2022. In order to make it a night to remember, we reimagined the iconic Flower Shop NYC as a phygital version of itself caught between here and web. To marry icon to icons, we also brought along Heron Preston, Gonnie Garko and brand ambassador, Ben Simmons.
We worked with local makers to produce custom invites, limited edition headwear and other-wordly print collateral to help turbocharge the brand experience from start to finish.
Perion NFT NYC Photo Booth
Perion NFT NYC Packaging Stickers