Auckland Tourism, Events and Economic Development (ATEED)

    Auckland’s future prosperity depends on successfully navigating a rapidly changing economic landscape that presents both opportunity and challenges. ATEED works to attract investment, visitors, and great ideas to Auckland and to build a resilient and highly skilled workforce.
    The creative sector is a priority for ATEED – for its contribution to the wider Auckland economy, quality employment for its people, and regional identity. More than 53,000 people are employed in Auckland’s creative industries, with more than 17,000 new and replacement jobs forecast from 2022 – 2025. The sector represents 5 per cent of Auckland’s regional economy and 8 per cent of its businesses, and has had one of the highest annual growth rates across all sectors in the five years to 2019. 
    ATEED is pleased to support Auckland’s creative practitioners and businesses, and to partner with Semi Permanent Aotearoa to enable young people who might not have had exposure to these industries to have access to the event. This is part of ensuring our young people have visibility, pathways and opportunities into high-skill, high-value, future ready sectors that reward individual creativity and entrepreneurial talent.