Anita Kapoor

Moderator, Host, MC, Spokesperson and Podcaster

Anita Kapoor — Semi Permanent: City Utopia

Anita Kapoor works across corporate, lifestyle, wellness, human development and advocacy as a moderator, host, MC, spokesperson and podcaster, and uses her platform to engage, co-regulate, question and evolve human reasoning, emotional capability and true allyship.

In developing her knowledge and experience of what it is to hold space for dignity, compassion, kindness, emotional and physical safety and healing, and personal freedom, she is an emerging thought leader on active diversity, equity and inclusion, the body-mind connection and mental wellness, and the intersections between.
You can watch her documentary participation on the state of eldercare facilities in Singapore at where she volunteered to live-in for two weeks, and listen to her read essential Singapore authored non-fiction books on DEI titled This is What Inequality Looks Like and Homeless, both on Storytel.
She is a former travel television host with shows across CNA and Discovery, a two-time TEDx speaker, and a voiceover artist. She was born in Mumbai and has lived in Singapore since she was seven. The Lion City is home.