Bünyamin Aydin & Lamia Aydin

Creative Directors ∙ Les Benjamins

Bunyamin & Lamia Aydin – Semi Permanent Sydney
Bünyamin Aydin Semi Permanent Middle East 2021

Bünyamin Aydin was born in Neuss, Germany, and relocated to Istanbul, Turkey at age 12. His fashion brand, Les Benjamins, is a coalescence of the founder and designer’s interest in drawing, photography, and art.

“The brand is a touch point for people to enter our world,” Aydin explains.“ I want people to feel part of our movement, which begins with the East.”
In 2017, Aydin’s work caught the attention of Nike. Aydin was commissioned to be part of a global campaign titled Vote Forward, where he was selected as one of 12 designers to imagine the future of Air Max. This partnership later developed into a program of custom Air Force 1s, when Nike commissioned Aydin to create 100 Istanbul-inspired Air Force 1s, sold at a pop-up event. These projects have positioned Aydin as Turkey’s foremost sneaker authority, and a collector whose eye drifts towards limited edition and autographed models.
Aydin is a passionate photographer and a proud ambassador of Leica. He also spends his spare time as a music curator and DJ, both internationally and in his hometown of Istanbul. While Aydin is firmly rooted in his Turkishheritage, he is also an avid traveller and explorer.