Cameron Ferrin

Head of Brand Strategy, Messenger ∙ Facebook

Cameron Ferrin
Cam Ferrin presented at the Sydney Semi Permanent Creativity and Design Festival in 2018 whilst working at Dropbox as Head of Brand Strategy, where the theme was "Creative Tension as Inspiration".
Cam Ferrin is currently Head of Brand Strategy, Messenger at Facebook. Prior to this role, he spent two years as Partner at TwentyFirstCenturyBrand where he led foundational strategy initiatives with Thrive Global, Airtime, Peloton, Uber, WeWork, Johnson & Johnson, Front and others
Before his time at TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, Cam worked at Dropbox as Head of Brand Strategy, Brand Studio. In this role, he helped craft the strategic vision for the brand and prepared Dropbox for its IPO, as one of a small group responsible for developing the company’s mission statement and the accompanying narrative.
Prior to Dropbox, Cam spent over three years at Airbnb where he was able to shape much of the early brand and creative strategy.  Cam also co-founded Marky, a monthly subscription box that delivers creative projects for kids. Cam has a masters degree in creative brand strategy from VCU Brandcenter.