Caterina Bianchini

Graphic Designer ∙ Studio Nari

From her studio in London, Caterina, a multi-award winning freelance designer, works across branding, art direction and packaging to create personalities for products from Levi’s, Diesel, Lush, Boiler Room, Adidas Women, Typeform, Nike, the V&A, Red Bull and many others. Caterina is also on a mission to get people thinking more about how they perceive, appreciate and interact with design and hopes that through her work she imposes this challenge upon people. Caterina’s “challenges” are issued through unique layouts, illustrative elements, clever design motifs, bold colour choices and the constant exploration of typographic treatments. The resulting work is quirky, intelligent and original, stylistically bold yet often simply expressed. Caterina finds inspiration in Fauvist artists and periods of minimalism and modernism and believes that design should be beautiful and brave and exceed expectations. By achieving this, she says, it’s possible to show people how through design there is an opportunity to create something iconic and inspiring.