Claire Robbie

Founder ∙ The School of Modern Meditation

Claire-Robbie-SOMM 2

Threading together the patterns and universalities of being human is something that Claire has always been intrigued by. A perpetual student of history, psychology and philosophy; her own meditation practice eventually became the foundation upon which she created The School of Modern Meditation (SOMM).

SOMM is New Zealand's first multidisciplinary school for the inner arts of meditation, breathwork, EFT, and sound practices. With live online classes each day, Claire recognised the importance of moving away from apps  and making sure people had access to practice IRT with their community from anywhere in the world.
Before her work with meditation, Claire was a TV Journalist and Newsreader – the similarities in these two very different worlds are a pulling out the meaning from the human experience.
She has a deep fascination with helping people unravel and dissolve the many intricate and clever coping mechanisms we use as humans that keep us limited and small. She also works with people on a program she has refined and crafted called The Alcohol Reset, And using her practices to focus on the inherent solutions we have inside us, rather than the problems.