Eva Kruse

Chief Global Engagement Officer ∙ PANGAIA

Eva Kruse — Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023
Eva Kruse — Semi Permanent Aotearoa 2023

Eva Kruse is the Chief Global Engagement Officer at PANGAIA, a direct-to-consumer materials science company on a mission to save the environment through breakthrough innovations for everyday lifestyle products. Kruse is an experienced apparel industry executive, especially from non-profit organisations, and has served on many supervisory boards on both governmental, commercial, and cultural organisations.

Kruse has pioneered social and environmental responsibility in business by spearheading the movement, agenda and commitments towards a more responsible fashion industry, as the founder and CEO of Global Fashion Agenda (GFA) the non-profit organisation behind the renowned landmark event Copenhagen Fashion Summit. Her mission the past many years has been guiding and mobilising industry leaders to take bold and urgent action on sustainability, Under Kruse’s leadership GFA has also accelerated the industry’s transition towards a more circular fashion system through its 2020 Commitment and policy work, as well as setting the benchmark on measuring and reporting on industry progress with Pulse of The Fashion Industry Report and industry guidance with the Fashion CEO Agenda. 
Through working with the fashion industry’s leading brands, United Nations, European Commission and many international foundations, Kruse strives to drive awareness and action on sustainability with the aim to safeguard the future of our planet. 
Kruse co-founded and lead the Danish Fashion Institute along with Copenhagen Fashion Week since 2005. Not only has she put Danish fashion on the political agenda but also the global fashion map. The fashion week in Copenhagen is now Scandinavia’s largest and most sustainable fashion event and was the first fashion week in the world to arrange an open programme with fashion events for the public and deliver live streaming of the shows.
Since graduating from the KaosPilots, an alternative business school, Kruse has worked in the worlds of fashion and media in various capacities, including as editor-in-chief of fashion magazines and as a TV presenter and broadcaster of various Danish news, fashion and talk shows. Kruse holds the Human Rights Prize from the French Embassy, and a Royal Order of Chivalry from the Danish Monarchy.