Marc Moore

Founder & Creative Director ∙ Stolen Girl Friends Club

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Marc Moore1
From humble beginnings as a wannabe pro-surfer in Raglan, New Zealand, Marc Moore’s rise into fashion was almost accidental.
A minor snowboarding incident that led to back-surgery, rendered Marc unable to surf. Feeling a depressed and a little lost, his mother encouraged him to get back in touch with his creative side to pass the time.

Not one to do things by halves Marc wondered how far he could take his creative passion, and with that, he set out to create his first solo art exhibition. A collection of 12 works under the theme ‘Stolen Girlfriends Club’ – a fictional idea about a group that would steal girls away from unhealthy relationships.
Oyster Magazine presented the show and it was a huge success with all art pieces selling out on the opening night.
What was more interesting than the sales success though, was the overwhelming interest in the title of the show and from there a brand had been born – almost by default.

The next creative endeavour was making a line of T-shirts and a few pieces of jewellery under the title ‘Stolen Girlfriends Club’.
One of the standout pieces was a T-shirt proudly emblazoned with the slogan STOLEN GIRLFRIENDS CLUB SAYS RELAX, laying tribute to the iconic slogan tee by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Unbeknownst to Marc, the slogan tee trend was about to make a huge comeback globally. Perfectly timed or purely by accident? I guess we’ll never know.
This T-shirt put the brand on the map and got them instant media attention from NZ and around the world. Before he knew it, the brand had spread and the demand outweighed the supply heavily, creating an instant fan-base.

Marc has always believed the brand is the most important thing to build, without the brand-story the clothes were meaningless. Clothes are a weapon of self-expression, we spend almost two-thirds of our lives dressed in clothes so they’re an important part of who we are and how we present ourselves to the world.
Marc’s mantra is simple ‘Make things that matter’.