Mikaela Jade

CEO and founder ∙ Indigital

Mikaela Jade - Indigital
Mikaela Jade Indigital workshop

A Cabrogal woman of the Dharug-speaking nations of Sydney, Australia, Mikaela Jade comes from the world’s oldest storytellers and is widely recognised as a leader in the technology space.

Mikaela has spoken at the United Nations in New York to demonstrate the impact of new technologies in Indigenous communities, is a WEF Global Futures Council member, a delegate on the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, and she completed a Master of Applied Cybernetics (with Commendation) at the Australian National University’s School of Cybernetics. Earlier this year, Mikaela was announced as one of 15 leaders to be awarded the Schwab Foundation 2022 Social Innovators of the Year award.
Her company, Indigital, founded in 2014, is Australia’s first Indigenous edu-tech company. Indigital is built on a belief that together we can use digital technologies – including virtual, augmented and mixed realities – to help preserve and proliferate 80,000 years of human knowledge while engaging First Nations peoples in education that leads to skills, jobs, and wealth creation to build a stronger future for all.