Five reasons why you need to attend Semi Permanent

Semi Permanent Sydney Foyer

Semi Permanent has delivered 20 years of inspiration, networking and upskilling at our namesake festivals of creativity and design. And in 2022, we’re back in our hometown of Sydney, with our most ambitious lineup yet.

If your boss needs a little more convincing that Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 is an event worthy of your time, read on for reasons to help get them across the line.
Lessons from Semi Permanent 2019-32

Learn from the best

Through live Q&As, keynote talks, panel discussions and hands-on workshops, attendees will have a unique opportunity to learn from over 50 of the world’s best creative and business talent from across the world.

Expand your network

At Semi Permanent, the most important person is the one sitting next to you. Over three days, you’ll have the chance to
connect with likeminded leaders and grow your network. It's LinkedIn on a speed date.

Build and share skills for a lifetime

The knowledge you’ll gain will last a lifetime and can be shared with your entire company. You’ll be able to take notes during the sessions and help to take your team’s creative work to the next level.

Discover how creativity drives commerce

The speakers on stage have collaborated with Instagram, the New York Times, Apple, Adidas, National Geographic, Prada, and more. Learn from them how business strategy can be framed through creative thinking.

Step out of your box

You'll learn about branding and design, marketing and advertising, yes, but also diversity and inclusion, illustration and visual data, motion and animation, NFTs, music and arts management, and so much more.
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