Magdalena Wosinska: Boys, Bikes and Bums

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Magdalena Wosinska in Angeles Crest, CA
Magdalena Wosinka’s photography spans the commercial, the popular and the artistic. She’s built a global following with her nude work transcending the cliché of Instagram selfies; bringing a strong self-portrait aesthetic that is breathtaking. Her published books take you deep into her world, appearing every few years as a visual diary of the artist’s adventures. Her latest work THE EXPERIENCE VOL.1 juxtaposes her leaps across the world.  On one page, snowflakes fall on her nude bust in Poland; on the next page she surfs through open Mexican beach-scapes. We touched base with this Semi Permanent Alumna to get an insight into her world. 
Semi Permanent: Photography is such an intimate process. What’s the go to question or comment to put a subject at ease?

Magdalena Wosinka: Be 100% normal as you are, vulnerable if that’s the feeling of the day or happy, and ask them if they feel the same as you do. Find something to relate to with your subject. It’s a bit about being good socially but 90% is all psychology. 
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Magda photographed at Semi Permanent Melbourne 2012
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"100%, no matter what people say, it’s still a boys club and guess what I'm a girl."

Magdalena Wosinska

SP: These days, anyone with an iPhone can call themselves a photographer - what do you think social media has done to/for photography?
MW: Amazing things and not such amazing things. The trick is having my cliental remember that there is a skill set that goes behind being a photographer - with composition, lighting, directing a subject. That’s much more knowledge than an Instagram filter; but on the other hand I am excited more people can learn how to express themselves creatively. 
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Orcas Island, WA
SP: One thing that’s a big influencer for a lot of people is travel. Your work takes you to a lot of places, but how important is travel for you? Are you always planning trips?
MW: I am, travelling is my main inspiration. Meeting new people, seeing the world from a different perspective, culture, climate, light.
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Julz and Matty, Joshua Tree CA
SP: What do you think have been the biggest challenges for you as a photographer? Has age or gender ever had a role to play in this?
MW: 100%, no matter what people say, it’s still a boys club and guess what I'm a girl. It is a challenge. A lot of the agency people on set are all women and naturally, they would prefer working with cute photographer guys, rather than power women, not all the time but there’s a truth to that. 
Also men do shoot cars and sports with a different point of view, I'm battling that out now 'cause I grew up pretty much like a dude, skateboarding, racing cars, playing in a metal band, so yeah, I hope my future clients learn how to take risks and push boundaries so I can get those male run jobs! 
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Nevada Summer Nights
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For the Boys
SP: A lot of the artists we work with cite change as a big influencer of their creative process. Is change something you consciously embrace to improve your craft or do you let it happen naturally?
MW: I just kind of embrace what happens daily knowing it's always changing, I'm always changing, life is always changing, but travel is the one thing where I can clearly see a change.

SP: How do you think your career has evolved over the last few years? And what have been the big influencers of that?
MW: My age and me growing up, taking things a bit slower and really trying to perfect my craft.
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Urban Outfitters - Wild at Heart
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Algrave Coast, Portugal
SP: You celebrate the natural form and are no stranger to a baring your bottom to the lens. What do you think is the biggest appeal of nude photography? 
MW: It’s totally timeless.
SP: What’s the best advice you would give to your younger self?
MW: Pay attention.
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Dave Grohl
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