Semi Permanent Art & Design Fair 2023

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The Art & Design Fair returns to Semi Permanent Sydney for 2023.

Running for the full Semi Permanent Sydney Festival of Creativity & Design at Carriageworks (1 — 2 June 2023 as part of Vivid Sydney), the art and design fair aims to bring together a diverse range of publishers, artists and designers to share their print, digital, objects and other matter (including books, magazines, zines, posters, NFT art & literature and more) with an engaged audience of fellow creatives. 
Stallholders will have the chance to display and sell publications and related ephemera directly to attendees, as well as gain the chance to network and enjoy the energy of the Semi Permanent festival. A range of events, including keynote talks, panel discussions and workshops, relating to the practice of art book creation, design and production will additionally be integrated into the Semi Permanent program, with highlights including talks by internationally recognised artists, publishers and graphic designers. 
Semi Permanent is the biggest and longest-running creativity and design festival in the southern hemisphere. Over the past 20 years we have hosted more than 50 events in 13 cities, featuring over 800 speakers and attracting more than 300,000 attendees. 
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – PERMANENT Art Book Fair
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – PERMANENT Art Book Fair

Why join Semi Permanent Art & Design Fair?

Semi Permanent is a design and creativity festival which brings together the world’s best designers, innovators and iconic creatives, connects you with people you want to meet, introduces you to brands you need to know, and delivers experiences you won’t forget. This is your chance to present your publishing imprint to thousands of the region’s creatively-attuned and to reconnect with the broader community. 
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Stall Holder Information

Independent Artist / Designer / Student Half Stand — $120
Publisher / Gallery Full Stand — $330
Publisher / Gallery Half Stand — $180
  • Each stand has two chairs. 

  • Each stand comprises a display panel with shelving (sizing TBC). 

  • The Semi Permanent Art & Design Fair is a cash-free environment; vendors will need to have their own form of contactless payment (we recommend Square Up). 

  • Semi Permanent does not take a commission on any sold items. Any and all profit from sales is that of the individual stall holder. 

  • Exhibitor tables will need to be manned for the duration of the Semi Permanent festival opening hours; Semi Permanent will take no responsibility for lost of stolen items. 

  • Please note that filling out the application form does not guarantee a spot as an exhibitor. 

  • While events listed on the Semi Permanent program (those housed within Bays 17 and 19) are ticketed, entry to the Carriageworks foyer (within which is the Semi Permanent Art & Design Fair) is open to the public (excluding any after-hours events that will otherwise be announced). 

  • Exhibitors will be responsible for the shipping and display of their merchandise. 

  • Semi Permanent will make storage available for the delivery of stock ahead within a specified window of dates ahead of the event. 

Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – PERMANENT Art Book Fair
Semi Permanent Sydney 2022 – PERMANENT Art Book Fair

Key Dates

  • Stock Delivery: Monday 22 May to Friday 26 May 2023. 

  • Stallholders should deliver their stock to the Semi Permanent studio no earlier and no later than the above specified dates.

  • Merchandising Your Stand: Wednesday 31 May 2023. 

  • Festival Day 1: Thursday 01 June 2023. 

  • Festival Day 2: Friday 02 June 2023. 

  • Semi Permanent will arrange for the return of boxes to the Semi Permanent studio for collection by stallholders. All materials should be cleanly packaged and labelled. 

  • Collect Your Merchandise: Monday 06 June — Wednesday 08 June 2023. 

  • Any merchandise left at your stand can be collected from the Semi Permanent studio between these dates, unless otherwise arranged with Gigi Fong ( After this date, any uncollected materials will be disposed. 

Applications for 2023 have closed.