Olympus Vision Project

Olympus Vision Project-1
The Olympus VISION Project is an open call to Australian and New Zealand creatives who have a passion project they really want to get off the ground. Olympus Imaging Australia is giving some of you beautful creative minds the opportunity to create and share projects that are of importance and interest, and bring your vision to life.
$100,000AUD in creative grants and all the latest Olympus gear, to help fuel your creative endeavours, is on offer.
Olympus is also hosting a special workshop with photographer Lauren Bath at Semi Permanent Sydney, and are committed to advancing your passion and craft - be that teaching photography to the disadvantaged, exploring a location and its wonders, documenting a story from under represented communities, publishing a book or exhibiting your work, they are looking for inspiring projects that drive creativity.
Applications are open now, to Australian and New Zealand residents over 18.
Keynote Talks